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  1. I have Parkinson’s for the last year. I am avoiding Levadopa but trying GEN MAX, L-Tyrosine and Macuna Puriens. and Gluthathione spray under the tongue..
    Can your Gluthathione spray be taken intranasal using a nasal spray bottle.
    If NO, why not.
    If YES, the dosage.
    A friend who has been taken Levadopa for 5 years has now got advanced Parkinson’s disease.
    Can he take the Gluthathione spray intra nasally and would it benefit him.
    Why do you not ship this product to Canada?

    1. Hello, sorry for the late response on this, our product is not designed to be absorbed nasally. Perhaps in the future we will look into designing a nasal delivery system for glutathione ;). Our shipping is fulfilled by Amazon.com (in the US) . We are going through the process of enabling shipping in Canada, so hopefully it will be available soon!

  2. hello!
    i use your CCL Glutathione spray amd the last bottle i received (only 1 of the 2) does not seal. my puse is bery detoxified😉. If i send you the bottle can you replace it for me? its one of the more expensive supplements in my regimen.
    thanks so much for your great products,

  3. Is your product gluten free? Is there any chance it’s manufactured in a facility that could potentially cause cross contamination? The reason I ask is I bought this for my wife, she has a bet severe gluten allergy that of ingested causes seizures. Since using this product for the past week she has had a major seizure and is very light headed everyday. I did see someplace that it is gluten free but nowhere on your site or packaging does it say that. She will stop using it today because of mint feeling well and this is the only new addition. She was using a different glutathione product and felt okay.

    1. Yes, it is gluten free. We are so sorry to hear about that! Our lab is extremely careful about not mixing gluten products with non-gluten; we would be very surprised if any gluten got into our glutathione as all of our products go through rigorous quality tests. We will look further into this. Thank you for reaching out to us!

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