How often do you take Advanced Glutathione?
Dosage Guidelines –  For Daily Dose you would take 6 sprays by mouth 2-3 times daily.
For Advanced Dose you would take 12 sprays by mouth 4 times a day.  You just spray, swish, and then swallow.   Don’t eat for at least 2 minutes following.

How many servings are in a Bottle of Glutathione?
60 Servings.  Depending on on the daily dose or advanced dosage would depend on how fast you go through a bottle of Advanced Glutathione.  If taking the daily dose…it should last over 30 days.

How big is the bottle?
It comes in both a two and four oz bottles.

How long will it take to get a bottle of Advanced Glutathione? How many days will it take to ship to me?
We are located in Orem, Utah.  If you purchased a bottle of Advanced Glutathione before 3:00pm MST it will ship the same day.   If you order off Amazon and have prime membership, you will receive it within 2 days.

How long does it take to see the benefits of Glutathione?
Most people see the benefits right away.   We suggest taking it daily and not just when you are sick.  Please take notice or document how you feel before and then after 1 week of use.   We would love your success story and testimonial if possible.  We have had nothing but great results with people taking Advanced Glutathione Extra Strength.

I heard that you have to inject Glutathione for it to work, is that true and why would your Glutathione spray work?
In the past injection was really the only way Glutathione could be absorbed and even through injection most was not able to get into the cell.   With our advanced Absorption Technology (compared to a Nano or Wetter Water technology) we are able to get immediate uptake into the cells.  We do have independent (3rd party) testing that has been done.   This company also does many clinical studies for other people.

Where is your Glutathione produced?
It is produced and made in the USA,  right here in Utah.

Is your Glutathione soy free and gluten free?  Does it happen to be Halal Certified?

Yes, Advanced Glutathione is Soy free and Gluten free.  It does follow Halal guidelines, thought it is not Halal certified.

Do you have any other products?

Yes we carry a line of products.   Advanced Glutathione is just one of many products that we sell.   Please visit our main website https://cclsupplements.com.  We have Advanced Vitamin B12 Spray, Advanced Fulvic Acid, and several others.



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